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You would like to...

...actively participate in passing on a planet to your children that is still fit for human habitation?
...watch your children getting and seizing the opportunity to have a personal impact on their world?
...personally do something against climate change - instead of waiting for "World Leaders" to get going?
...experience total tranquillity, adventure, sports, nature as well as an inspiringly different way of life?
...enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing, and bring a lot more zest into your life?

© Rodger Bosch, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com

This project provides you with the chance to personally promote  environmental and climate protection, as well as your own personal well-being. Secure yourself a very special location unter the South African sun, where you will find  knowledge of the good life and  recreation at the same time. Become the co-creator of an entirely natural World Of Experience - for your very own use! How about...

...finding long-lasting regeneration and personal growth,
...enhancing your relationship and love life,
...reducing your stress level,
...recharging your depleted batteries?
...And thus investing - in yourself !  

Eastern Cape, South Africa ©Alexander Fiebrandt

Stressful living and working conditions have an inevitable impact on our inner ecology - our emotions - as well! Thus having a greater impact on our personal relationships, than we might even notice. Right here you will find the relevant to remedy even emotionally straining situations. Having lived in Africa for several years myself, I know about the magic South Africas very special athmosphere can work even on very  stressed people. ;-)  

Converting resignation into rethinking, fruitless discussion into fruitful deeds  
Even today, we are still using construction methods for residential housing that are known to not only jeopardize our environment as well as our health, but even irretrievably destroy vital natural ressources. These building become hazardous waste, once they have reached the end of their life cycle. What about our foodstuffs? Overbred, laced with antibiotics, dependant on chemical fertilizers, poisonously insect "protected", wearing out soils - and thereby the people, that eat them. Is our personal lifestyle today still a highway to health... or hell?

But our present-day way of life doesn't only damage the planet and our health. It does just that to our genes. Not only do we pass on these genetic modifications to our children. They also "inherit" our destructive communication habits. However, this is by no means an irreversible fate - if you decide to actively do something about it! Step by step by step.

© Rodger Bosch, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com

Construction methods with recyclable, all natural materials  

Housebilding the healthy way! Environmentally hazardous building sins are definitively something mankind can no longer afford. With clay products, on the other hand, one can build structures, that can be as fairytale-like or modern as you want. In any case cob-buildings meet the requirements of our time. Equipped with solar power and solar water systems, own water supply via borehole, organic waste water treatment via purification wetland and with outständing insulation properties, it is a class of its own.

Your support will make all the difference! The "Khangela! Eco Lodge" in the Easter Cape of South Africa: A paradise with a rich population of wildlife is waiting to be developed - and visited - by you!

©Anke Enders-Ngono, CAD design, guest house, bio-pool, spekboom thickets

You contribute to your own, concrete-free, organic vacation home  
Concrete does not only consist in large parts of sand and waste (which we henceforth live in). Apart from water, sand is the most used ressource on earth. Did you know, that already a worldwide war is waging... over sand? Due to the ever increasing shortage of sand, whole beaches, riverbeds, islands and whole ecosystems disappear virtually over night.  Which exacerbates flooding, storm surges, erosion and other coastal hazards worldwide.

Apart from that, concrete
emits more than 2 billion tons of CO2 into our atmosphere, e.g. 5-7% of the total of worldwide CO2 emissions, which makes it a firstrate climate killer. In contrast, the "Khangela! Eco Lodge" will be made of organic, local and natural materials. The opportunity for bone-deep relaxation in pristine nature, sustainable stress reduction and countless recreational activities it's all there for you.

©Anke Enders-Ngono, CAD design, guest house

You help to remove several tons of CO2 from the atmosphere - annually  
An individual person is relatively powerless. Together we can move mountains! CO2 mountains. :-) Concrete generates 100 kg CO2 emissions  during its production process. In contrast, a plantation of just 1 hectar of "spekboom" ("portulacaria afra" or "elephant food") filters ca. 4 tons(!) of CO2 from the air and fixes it. Therefore it is a most effecitive CO2 sink. That is just as much as 1 hectar of rain forest can manage. Compared with a pine tree, the spekboom can sink one hunded times as much CO2.

This fascinating "wonder tree" and its humus are fire resistent, while at the same time providing protection against watershed erosion and bush fires. Its enormous water-retention capacity lends it an incredible drought tolerance. During a drought it helps multiple wildlife to survive without water and it is even fit for human consumption. Try it in a tasty salad! With combined efforts all of us will plant several hectars of spekboom thicket. Megatons of new "green lungs" for our planet.

Baviaanskloof Mountains © MediaClubSouthAfrica.com

Knownledge is power. And you are actively involved, to disseminate it  
Today, (almost) everybody knows how to operate a PC. But do we still know how to survive? Permaculture binds water, brings new life to exhausted soils, helps to raise groundwater tables to healthy levels again. Synthetic fertilizers? Superfluous. Pesticides? Unnecessary. Permament irrigation? Dispensible. Doing more with less: Less effort, more yield - by creating a self-sustaining ecosystem in water retention landscapes. WWOOF International will help spreading the word.

Your support creates jobs, practical, ecological training, gives a future  
People without a job, and sometimes even lacking formal education, will receive ecological knowledge and some perspective. And a self-determined future, where they can safeguard their future with their eco-knownledge and the work of their own two hands. They will carry this knowledge back to their villages of origin and act as multipliers. And will take a few spekboom cuttings there as well. It will help the planet to take a breath. Our atmosphere after all is not locally limited.

©Graeme Williams, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com

INNER ECOLOGY: Increasing ones zest for life and self-efficacy  
In a healthy, stressfree environment, many things are easier to handle. What would it mean to you, if you found a way to...

 ...breathe new life into your relationship and make it more fulfilling and happy?
 ...develop new, lasting solutions for stressful problems in your everyday life?
 ...improve your communication with your partner, family, friends and collegues?

And all that long-lasting? Coaching pleasantly surprises, inspires and moves.
Even seemingly deadlocked patterns.

Crowdfunding project phases: 7 steps to reach 1 goal  
All campaign phases have a flexible goal. The project will take place no matter what. The more support, the more can be achieved, and the sooner the realization phase will be reached. Your participation at www.indiegogo.com will have a decisive influence on every single step ot it.

More ways to actively contribute to the success of this project:  

...Use the "Share" Tools to enhance the visability, range and impact of the project.
...Encourage your personal network to have a look at and join in this project.
...Spread the word to people that have an interest in environmental protection.
...And to those who don't. Yet. ;-)
...Tell young people about it, who wish to spent some meaningful time abroad.
...Visit when construction has started (prior arrangement only!) for first-hand experience in clay building.

Should you have any questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions before you mail. Chances are good that your answers are already provided there. Some more questions? New ones, not in the FAQs yet? You’re very welcome! :-)

You've got creative proposals or generous offers to make? Drop a line via welcome(at)khangela.vision.

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